How To Get On Television Part II

Mom Entrepreneurs On TVIn Part I of How To Get On Television, I focused on helping mom entrepreneurs identify appropriate pitch topics for television shows. Part II focuses on helping mom entrepreneurs pitch a segment that will WORK within the format of the show.

1. You need to know if the show is taped in-studio or if they create segments on location. Your pitch should be tailored to this type of segment.

2. Realize that in some in-studio segments you are working within limited space. Some studios are unable to hold models or guest participants, so if you’re demonstrating items, they will need to sit out on a table.

3. Create the entire segment in your head prior to pitching. The easiest way to do this is to watch prior segments to determine length and style. If they are demonstrating something, like exercises, how many do they do and how much time is devoted to each one?

4. Make sure if you’re pitching a segment where you need participants or models that you can get those participants/models yourself.

5. If this is an on-location segment, make sure you have permission to use that location. Don’t assume that a particular store will allow you to film there. If you’re doing a shopping segment, you may want to shoot before the store opens to the public unless the news station wants to film customers shopping.

6. On-location segments often have several parts. For example, they may want to film a particular place of business, interview the owner, interview a customer and then film the customer going through the shopping experience. You will need to coordinate all of these elements.

Stay tuned…Part III will focus on finding the appropriate contact to pitch!

Melissa is the founder of Cassera Communications an entrepreneur, national public speaker, and professional story spinner. She uses her storytelling mastery to help people craft compelling stories for use in work and in life. Melissa gained experience in various industries including entertainment, healthcare, and publishing before starting her own company at the age of 26.  Her ambition gained her recognition as one of the Southern New Jersey’s Top 35 under 35 business professionals.  Melissa was also named the 2007 ‘Woman of the Year’ for the Southern New Jersey Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and is dedicated to serving the community through various philanthropic efforts.

Heather Allard

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  1. WOW! This is really great information….the next best thing to a step-by-step guided book only a lot less formal (i.e. tone & verbiage) and with a known, trusted source! Heather & Melissa thank you so much for this invaluable information.


  2. You’re so welcome, Charleta!! :)

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