5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs

I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, so when I got pregnant with my daughter, I immediately started planning for my transition. I became more frugal, started saving the majority of my pay check and I searched online to see what kinds of work-at-home opportunities were available. However, my searches only lead to disappointments; scams, internet marketing schemes and so-called business systems were all that I could find.

After my daughter arrived, I was so sleep deprived that I didn’t even think about working at home again until she was nine months old. At which time I started my search only to come up with the same old scams and opportunities I had encountered months earlier.

One night when talking to a friend about my dilemma, she suggested, “If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why don’t you create it”? This is when I had my light bulb moment, so I created the type of resource that I was looking for, a blog where women and moms could go to easily find legitimate work-at-home ideas, opportunities and information.

Finding the perfect home-based business to start is probably one of the biggest challenges that aspiring mom entrepreneurs face. I know that before my light bulb moment, I had thought numerous times about starting my own business, but had no clue where to start or what to do. Finding your niche can be a challenge but by knowing your personality type, skill set and passions you can start to narrow down the search.

Here are 5 ideas to get your started:

Are you professional and organized…

Virtual Assistant: Are you known as the go-to-gal? Offering companies, businesses and solo professionals administrative, technical and social support; Virtual Assistants take over tasks that others don’t have the time to complete. Common tasks that VA’s complete are, sending out correspondence, appointment setting, internet research, data entry, maintaining websites and performing social media outreach. The services that you can provide as a VA are endless and all depend on your background training, skills and experience. If you like to help people, are you organized, have good time management skills, excellent proof reading, grammar and spelling, a career as a Virtual Assistant may be the perfect home-based opportunity for you.

Do you have a way with words…

Copywriting: Are you convincing? Copywriting is the process of using persuasive words to promote a person, product, business, idea or opinion. Copywriters write the words in TV commercials, radio ads, magazines, newspapers, websites and direct mailings – wherever something is being sold, copywriters are hard at work writing alluring and compelling advertisements to make the consumer take action. If you like to pay attention to detail, enjoy reading, doing research and writing, a freelance career in copywriting may be your calling.

Are you adventurous…

eBay and Craigslist Seller: Do you enjoy the hunt? Can you find the needle in the haystack? Online auction sites, like eBay, can be a great way to make money while working from home. Online auction sites are very similar to garage sales, only with a much larger audience. Sellers are able to make money by selling merchandise, both new and used, and because of the flexibility of price and the large global audience almost anything will sell. If you enjoy rummaging through thrift stores and garage sales tables and have a good eye for specialty items, becoming an online seller may be the way to become your own boss.

Do you have a sense of style…

Personal Stylist: Do you keep up to date on all of the latest fashion trends? Then use your knowledge to help other women discover their own sense of style. Personal Stylists assist clients with new wardrobe shopping, accessorizing, revamping and clearing out the old. If you enjoy helping other women, have a passion for fashion and can be empathetic and warm becoming a Personal Stylist may be your dream work-at-home business.

Are you Artsy and Crafty…

Etsy Seller: Do you make the most adorable knit scarves on the street? Then take this creativity and talent and make some extra money by selling your homemade wares on Etsy. Hosting over a hundred thousand sellers in 31 different categories, Etsy’s mission is to “enable people to make a living making things and to reconnect makers with buyers”. If you have a creative flair and make unique high quality products selling your goods on Esty may be your key to financial freedom and flexibility.

Knowing that you want to be your own boss is the easy part, its finding and discovering what your perfect niche is that is the tough part. But by clearly defining your personality type, skill set and passions you can start to uncover the direction that you should take. Remember that reading business books, joining local entrepreneurial groups and connecting with likeminded individuals can help to ignite that creative spark that gets the ball rolling.

What kind of at-home business are you going to start? Share in the comments or on Facebook.

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21 Responses to “5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs”

  1. Each one of us has our own unique talent. Often times, we sell ourselves short by not believing that we can transfer our talents and skills into a business. I agree that knowing where to start can be challenging, but the payoff and rewards are priceless. Thank you for sharing.

  2. @DJ whatchu doing on here? :)

    I like the ideas for copywriter, etsy sellers and personal stylists – definitely not the usual suspects. I was reading some stats on etsy’s growth recently and the numbers were staggering. Had no idea it was as popular as it is. Although I must say I was happy to hear that indie artists, artisans and crafty people in general are doing well through that medium.

  3. jenna says:

    i was a freelance photographer prior to having a family, and after a few years of staying home, i am slowly beginning to rebuild my business. it is exciting to be creating again, but very different now that i have children, i find that i have to schedule things a lot more tightly than i used to!

  4. Kiet says:

    I created the tie-free apron to address the need of my then 5yr old daughter who loves to cook, but gets frustrated when she can’t tie her apron. Since, I created my own website to sell these US made aprons, but I am finding a hard time getting visitors w/o spending a lot of $ to get the words out. Any ideas how I can get the word out?

  5. So many of us as moms face this. I moved 6 years ago into a home that had the kitchen of my dreams; a 16 x 40 area to cook, entertain and live comfortably. It has two sets of French doors and a huge garden window that overlooks a lush tropical garden. It is very inspiring in that space.

    I am now using this kitchen to make artisan bath and body care items and aromatherapy candles and home and personal fragrance. I ship out all around the company and even internationally, and also offer private label services to other retailers.

    Although it has been slow, and I have had to learn WAY more that I ever dreamed or imagined, I can say that I have grown tremendously as a person over this past 3 years. I have also met alot of wonderful people along the way, and have helped to encourage and inspire many other young women to begin to dream and step out on those dreams.

    Now, I am learning about marketing and all of the skill that I possess are being used and I am being stretched past my own comfort zone. We have to keep pushing, and dreaming, and believing and trusting that as we STEP OUT even into unsure and even scary territory, that our passions and skill sets will take us to the next level!

    I am SO ready!

    Thanks for a blog that is helpful, useful, pertinent, and encouraging!

    Kelly Taylor

  6. Jennie Wong says:

    Dear Holly,

    I found this blog on Technorati and I love this article. What a great way to connect your natural strengths to hot entrepreneurial trends for moms! So often we focus on resources that we are lacking instead of thinking about the talents that we innately possess.

    Check out my recent article on The 5 Qualities of a Successful Mompreneur for more. If you like what you see, please consider giving me a link, thanks!



  7. 5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/j3hpaE From the Mogul Mom

  8. 5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs http://t.co/8of2LXe From the Mogul Mom Via @latersababycake

  9. 5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs http://t.co/6CDkqgf From the Mogul Mom

  10. Shannon says:

    Hello, I found your post as I was looking around to see what other moms are doing. Thanks for sharing and they are all great ideas. I run two eBay stores and am an eBay Trading Assistant so I am able to sell other peoples things as well. In my search for at home employment while raising my now 5 month old son, I decided to start blogging and I also joined Send Out Cards which is a fantastic business that you can get people to join to purchase cards and gift for more convenience and lower prices than stores. People have the choice to be a retail client or they can join the business and make money promoting it. This is great for stay at home moms. I love doing it and sharing it. http://www.sharepositivity.com. I wish all of you moms luck. It is competetive out there but if you are anything like me, (absolutely determined to succeed so that I can continue to stay at home, did I mention that I am also a single mom?) and are on a mission, you will do well. Just believe in yourself and stay positive. Thanks for letting me share!

  11. Lara says:

    Thanks for posting such great ideas! I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids (ages 4 and 8) and I am fitting in my at home business during the couple of hours my daughter is in preschool, and, boy, do those 3 short hours fly by! I love reading about how other moms are designing a professional life to fit around the rest of their life. I am learning to juggle caring for my kids, entertaining them, taming the mountain of laundry (like spores that reproduce in the middle of the night), remembering to turn on the dishwasher at night so we have a clean dishes in the morning, get to the grocery store with some sort of regularity, exercise so I have energy, and build a successful business! We are already successful CEOs in managing our lives as mommies, I figured it was time I got paid for it! Learn more about my business: https://laradavis.myrandf.biz/ and http://mim.io/bc4b81

  12. 5 Business Ideas for Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs http://t.co/J9QhUUNp From the Mogul Mom

  13. Looking for some #smallbiz #wahm ideas? TMM contributor @holly_hanna shares some in this post from the archives http://ow.ly/6y90U

  14. Nice post. I like how what we’re into or what our personality is ties into what kind of work at home we do.
    This is very helpful as I’m exploring ways I can work from home currently.

  15. I started out as a copywriter when I first became a WAHM, and eventually ventured into small website consultations for mom-run ventures, mom blogs, etc. I became a connector, too, between mom-run businesses and services providers, until I finally decided to partner with a web designer friend and offer our copywriting-web design services as a package.

    I love being able to work from home this way, as a “one-stop-shop” for moms who need that creative facelift online. Why? Because I get to connect with other moms all the time! In my heart, this is what I really want to do: work with moms and help develop their brands. I’m still a small fry, but I know that with the right marketing (and loads of advice from sites like The Mogul Mom), I’ll be flying in no time.

  16. April says:

    Hi, I am not a Mom yet but my husband and I are now planning to have kids.so I’ve decided to surf the net to find the right stay-at -home business for me before our first child comes. I’m glad that I came across your blog as it gave me a lot of great ideas. at present I am working in an export company as export documentation officer so I think I can do the VA business as well as selling home accessories online because my passion is interior designing and I love to make contemporary cushions, flower arrangements & Christmas decorations. Although I don’t know to set up a website and how and where to start a business online. I am hope you can give me some advise. thank you.

  17. Andrea Quinones says:

    Just ran into your page love it!!!!. I just recently quit my job due to so much stress. Being 51 is not easy to start over. My expertise is office work and computers. Where should I start?

  18. Taya says:

    This is a great article!

    I’m a recent stay at home mom but my kids are at school for the most part. So I decided to try to find something to occupy my time. I recently started an online boutique through Kitsy Lane. I run my own online jewelry and accessories boutique on my own time – and make money.

    There’s no starter kit to buy, no website to build, no inventory to manage, and no trunk shows to host. And it’s completely free.

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    Good luck ladies!

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