How to Make Work from Home Work For YOU: An eBook Giveaway + Discount

This giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to our winner, Felicity of The Karma Soap Company!

I started working from home over four years ago and it has been an awesome journey, filled with learning and discovery, celebrations and introspection, and a whole lot of fun.

In these four years, I’ve launched two businesses, worked with many different websites and ezines on their content and social media, been published in leading print magazines, had my husband join me in our home-based business and most importantly, I’ve done all of this while being at home with my daughter and working the hours I want to.

Now, I’m going to share all that I’ve learned, everything I wish I knew when starting out, with you.

I’m going to answer questions like,

  • “How do I make time for a fledgling business with kids at home?”
  • “Does working from home need a lot of investment?”
  • “How can I stay organized and productive without a boss to answer to?”
  • “Will my house or health suffer because I’m focused on building my business?”
  • “Can I build my business on a shoestring budget?”
  • “How do other work-at-home moms do it all?”

The very questions that encouraged me to compile all of my research, learning and experience into a one-stop resource for work-at-home mothers.

You see, working from home is a fantastic way to earn an income, explore your potential, meet interesting people and best of all, stay at home. However, it needs focus, determination and a fair amount of planning and organization.

Whether you’ve been working from home for two years or two months, chances are you’ve dealt with overwhelm, exhaustion, doubts and uncertainties. But there’s help!

How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life is a 70-page guide jam-packed with information, ideas and interviews on making work-at-home work for YOU, your family, your home and your lifestyle.

Filled with practical, actionable tips and downloads, this guide will help you be more productive, organized and intentional as a work-at-home mother.

You’ll learn how to rock working from home without losing your sanity, grow your business without busting the bank and make sure that home, health and happiness always come first.

Best of all, you can win a copy of How to be a Work-at-Home Mom {a $17 value}!

How to Enter:

Leave a comment on this post letting us know what YOUR biggest challenge is as a work-at-home mom?

The Giveaway:

  •  1 winner will receive a copy of How to be a Work-at-Home: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life– $17 Value.
  •  Giveaway ends Friday, April 27th, 2012 at midnight.
  •  No purchase is necessary.
  •  Odds of winning are based on number of entries.
  •  The winner will be chosen randomly and will be notified by email.
  • Open to both US and International Residents 18 and older.

Ready to start rocking the WAHM life today? Order How to be a Work-at-Home Mom today for 50% off and get it at just $8.50 ONLY for Earth Day weekend, from April 20th, 2012 to April 22nd, 2012.

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Heather Allard

Heather Allard

Heather Allard is the original founder of The Mogul Mom, as well as a mother of three kids + one big dog.
Heather Allard
Heather Allard

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49 Responses to “How to Make Work from Home Work For YOU: An eBook Giveaway + Discount”

  1. Hi, this e-book looks like it would be a great resource. I quit my job almost a year ago to move out of state with my family. This prompted me to put more effort into my jewelry business. I consider it successful but it doesn’t pay the bills, just gives a little to put into the family money. I am currently looking for a part time job to supplement.
    My problem would be to stay focused during the day. I am on the internet most of the day looking for cheaper ways to promote my shop and ways to generate income for my family. The day just seems to fly by, before I know it, it is time to pick up my daughter from school.

  2. Thank you for offering this! There are SO many challenges but to pick one, I’d say STAYING FOCUSED! Kids, hubs crazy work schedule, remodeling the house… they all pull me away from my biz. The book would be a great b-day gift for me too since the 27th is my day! :)

  3. Vidya Sury says:

    Hey Prerna, I’d love a copy of your book. My challenge is “Time Management” these days as I find myself getting too distracted easily. Thanks! Happy Earth Day to you!

  4. Nisha says:

    The biggest challenge I face is trying to be a good mother while working on my business, I constantly feel like I’m a bad mom when I try to work and the kids want to play. I have a really difficult time organizing my family time as a stay at home mom to a one and two year old and trying to grow my business. Most days I feel like I’m failing at both. I would love to win the book

  5. misha says:

    For me the biggest challenge is that I am always trying to squeeze my working time in whenever I have childcare or my son is sleeping. My schedule is totally erratic in that way, and when I do start working I often take some time to get my bearings, which means I waste a lot of time internet surfing and procrastinating. I think I do this because whenever I have a free moment I feel I have to work, so I never really feel like I have “me time” to just chill out and go with the flow. thanks for listening! :)

  6. kristen marie says:

    my biggest challenge is how to get started and where to look? for reputable and legitamate working opps… that will bring in more than $8/hr……

  7. Helen says:

    My biggest challenge is finding something I can do so I CAN work from home.

  8. Nicole says:

    My biggest challenge (especially as I’m in start-up phase) is juggling it all without much help. I have two young children (not in school yet) and minimal childcare. Sometimes I feel I’m being pulled in so many directions. As soon as I’m bringing in a bit more money it will go directly toward childcare and a part-time VA! :)

  9. My biggest challenge, hands down, is managing the guilt! I feel guilty for ignoring my kids when I need to do work, and I feel guilty for ignoring my business when I spend time with the kids! And that poor, poor, husband of mine gets scraps of what’s left at the end of the day.

  10. Tiffany says:

    My main challenge is setting boundaries. People tend to ask me to do things because I’m at home, not in an office, and have a more flexible schedule. Therefore, those crucial hours when the kiddo is at school magically vanish because I have trouble saying no.

    Looking forward to learning how to rock the WAHM life (better) from you. :-)

  11. I agree with Nan @ Playful Decor that there are many challenges. Since my kids have just returned to school/kindergarten/preschool after school holidays, the challenge of managing my business during the holidays certainly springs to mind! Thanks Prerna for offering your book to a lucky WAHM!

  12. Ndidi says:

    I would have to say that sometimes Focus and planning can sometimes be challenging. I know that the days that are planned are most productive but being consistent with the planning can be challenging especially with a crazy family, work and business schedule.

  13. Rachel Wizenfeld says:

    My biggest problem is figuring out what works! There are so many options and different pathways to pursue to advance my business goals, and it’s so hard to know what to spend my time doing!

  14. Holly says:

    My challenge is actually getting to a point where I can be a WAHM. I work a full-time job outside the home, in addition to running a handmade baby goods etsy shop, all the while spending as much time as I can with my 10-month old. Hubby and I would love it if one of us could stay home with our son, but I’m not sure where to even start with building a business/action plan (hence why I need the book!).

  15. Amy Grams says:

    Your book sounds just like what I need! I feel like I can never focus on any one thing. I’m always being interrupted and I try to squeeze work in whenever I can – while allowing dinner to simmer for 10 minutes, while my son does his homework, etc. It’s frustrating. I also feel like my family views it as my little hobby, instead of seeing it’s my passion!

  16. My biggest challenge when working from home is finding ways to connect with other adults for rich conversation. I find that conference calls and Skype interactions don’t fully replace the richness of a face-to-face conversation. This causes my husband to be the recipient of my ‘motor mouth’ the moment he walks in the door, as I am *craving* that personal interaction and connection!

  17. I am sure that most of us would agree that TIME is the biggest problem- there is never enough of it! I honestly need 5 more me’s! It is so challenging to be good at everything all at once, and it feels like spinning plates on a stick- you gotta keep them all spinning at once or they will fall, and you are constantly going back and forth trying to keep them all from falling. Sometimes it is just impossible to do it all, and do it all GOOD, and that can be very frustrating at times.

  18. My biggest challenge is finding time to get things done. I would like to do more freelance work, but I also run a home day care, and between my kids and the day care kids, it seems like someone always needs something!

  19. My biggest challenge is staying focused – i get distracted 10 times a day and rarely achieve any flow with what I am working on.

  20. My biggest challenge as a work-from-home writer is staying away from distractions while working… particularly social media sites.

  21. Would love to know your tips for working from home with an older infant. I have been able to do it fairly successfully for the past 6 months but would love to hear your tips. Especially as my daughter is now crawling and becoming more active.

    Also, would love to know your recommendations for breastfeeding moms who are running a business from home. Such as strategies for work travel, meetings, etc.

  22. Gunilla says:

    Hi! I’d love to win a copy of your book. My biggest challenge has probably been to perceive myself as a working mother, set boundaries to what my daytime hours are used for and learning to say no to coffee-dates when I really should be working. I have felt that working from home is not always perceived as a proper job because I don’t go to another location to do my job and because I myself determine the hours. Almost a year into starting up my own business, I feel that I have now started to learn to set aside time in slots for different things I need to do… although I’m still often up at night working (mostly because it’s so much fun!)… still no regrets about leaving the dayjob and trying it out on my own…Happy Earth Day everyone!

  23. Elisa says:

    Balance is always difficult when having a business and children.

  24. Jen says:

    I am going to start working from home after my third child is born. I’m curious about how to manage working for someone else with kids at home.

  25. Victoria says:

    My biggest challenge is accepting that I can’t wear all my “hats” at the same time. Trying to be mommy, business woman, housekeeper, and wife at once….just. doesn’t. work. PERIOD.

  26. Stephanie says:

    I really want to get working from home, but these days it’s so hard. My biggest challenge in trying to find a happy job where I can enjoy my home and my family is not only time management, but planning out my day to accomplish all the tasks I need to get done. There are times when one can easily get distracted and lose focus on what you really need to pay attention to. Therefore, I hope I win this drawing as I know your book will definitely be helpful and will aid in steering me in the right direction to start working from home.

  27. Janice Herrera says:

    My biggest challenge as a work-at-home mom is the ability to manage the work and really being with my baby. I feel guilty when my baby is awake and I am not attending to him. It’s hard to be focused on the work to be done when a cute little face is staring at you!

  28. Felicity says:

    I really struggle to get ANY work done when my boys (4 and 3) are home, which is fair enough. So i find myself working very late into the night and always tired and/or grumpy instead of the fun mummy i wanted to be. I’d love to hear/read how other’s cope <3<3

  29. I have an online shoes store and my biggest challenge is to stay off email when I am not supposed to be working and it is family time. It is so tempting to check emails to make sure everything is running smoothly. I teach my son about the additctive quality of videos and I sometimes struggle with the same thing on my I-phone!!

  30. Allegra says:

    The toughest part for me is prioritizing. When I do have those free moments, I’m torn between working, cleaning up the house, and simply giving my mind a break as I veg out. :)

  31. Lonni says:

    My biggest challenge is keeping my toddler entertained without relying on TV. Sometimes he can play well on his own while I’m working but other times I do put on videos. And then comes the mommy-guilt….

  32. Iryna says:

    Balancing my needs and my child’s ones at the same time… Sigh…

  33. Gina says:

    I’ve finally found a schedule that works for me and maximizes my time. My biggest challenge is when that schedule gets thrown out of whack–spending 2 hours at the dr’s office with a child, having a sick kid at home who won’t rest, etc. Would love to see what suggestions there are for these typical problems.

  34. popelix says:

    One of the most challenging things in my case is squeizing my small desk in the kids room and trying to keep concentrated while they study or play! At least I don’t have to share the family pc with them now that I have my laptop :-)

  35. Ampi Castano says:

    I have worked from home on and off for years, and, to me, that hardest part is the lack of consistent income. I don’t know how much income will be coming in from month to month.

    I no longer have small kids at home, so that’s not a problem. But, I do have an issue with lack of space. I am running 3 businesses right now and don’t have an official home office. I use my dining room table, which is not the ideal situation since the dining room is open to the living room.

  36. My biggest challenge as a work-from-home wife is veering away from online distractions such as Facebook & Twitter… I really should work on it more… :)

  37. Kerri-Ann says:

    Sounds like a great resource. Please count me in, I would love to win this ebook! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Kerri-Ann says:

    Sounds like a great resource. My biggest challenge would be balancing two littlies with running two businesses! This ebook might have some answers for me!

  39. Karen says:

    The isolation!! I think it’s one of the reasons I read blogs – the connection! Both on a professional level and a personal level, I feel the isolation. Being a working mum I don’t get to as many mother’s groups as before and being a working from home professional I don’t get as much incidental professional interaction that happens just because you share a work space.

    Oh, and of course Facebook chat has replaced the water cooler chats now!

  40. Jamie says:

    I am on the verge of starting a business from home and I have a six month old child. I think this book would really help me!

  41. The biggest challenge for me is balancing chronic health issues and time/energy spent on a business. This looks like an awesome resource!

  42. Nikole Gipps says:

    Hey Prerna, great job! I’d like to come up with a million things that are hardest for me but really I feel like it is organization. I feel like I am doing so many things at once, it’s all just cluttering together mentally (and, sometimes physically) as one thing runs into the next and the next and the next!

  43. keri says:

    My biggest challenge is selling my jewelry that I make. I am at the point where I cannot buy more materials to make more jewelry because I am not getting enough of a return. It is hard to stay confident when there is no sales to back it up.

  44. This book sounds great – being a busy mom, a fitness instructor and a marketing consultant definitely has me spread thin so the best way for me to take in information these days is through quick facts and easy tricks to keep this circus moving in the right direction! One of my biggest challenges seems to be over committing therefore not having enough time during the day/the week to truly maximize my business opportunities. Time management has always been difficult for me even before I had a family…I think I would find a lot of value in this book!

  45. Teresa says:

    My biggest challenge is knowing what to prioritize…I find myself jumping from one thing to the next. Wishing you much success with your book.

  46. Paula J. says:

    time management is my biggest challenge

  47. Tracy Stone says:

    My biggest challenge is working! If I get up from the desk for anything, I see so many things that need to be done. It’s hard to go right back and do “work”.

  48. Wow! Prerana Terrific Post! My biggest challenge is staying on the track. Though I do my to-do list, it’s really hard to accomplish all on time. And, now a days, other house work does interrupt my online work. Another challenge is I don’t find real time to market my own business.

  49. Angela says:

    My biggest challenge is balancing work and family, i seem to skip around trying to do this and that and ending with a bunch of tasks started but clueless as to how to actually finish it all on time

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