5 Fun, Free Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Old Info Products

This is a guest post by Melissa Chitwood Vandermeer of Zayth.com.

So, you created an information product, launched it and actually sold quite a few of ’em, huh?

Then what happened? Sales slowed, and then trickled, and then, stopped. Right?

What do you do? Create a new product and hope that it’ll do better?

Nope, no need to do that.

Instead, use these 5 fun, free ways to breathe new life into your old information products.

1. Host a Twitter Party

Have you attended a Twitter party? They’re so fun. You get to ‘meet’ some new people, share information AND spread the word about your info product.

You can give away prizes, get people to talk about their struggles with the issue related to your info product and create a real buzz.

Click here to learn more about hosting one. 

2. Run a Giveaway

This is a super fun way to sell more. Wait, sell more?

Yes, even though you’re running a give away, you can also offer a special discount for anyone who enters. You’d be surprised by how many people will buy right then and there. :)

What if you don’t have a big enough blog to run the giveaway? No problem. Try to find a blog in the same niche as your information product and ask the owner if she’d like to host a giveaway. This is a great way to offer something of value to her readers and get your info product in front of a new audience.

For ideas on how to run a great giveaway, check out Prerna’s latest post and this oldie but goodie on Copyblogger.

3. Offer a BOGO Combo Pack

We all love to get something free, right? Well, the online world is no different than the offline retail market.

So, when you want to up the sales of that eBook or eCourse, think about what you could offer along with it. A consultation session? A discount coupon for a friend’s online store? A free sample download of another product you offer?

Yes, you really can sell more by giving more. Try it.

4. Create a Private Facebook Group

Everyone loves community. It’s what makes the online world such a welcoming place.

Creating a private Facebook group exclusively for people who buy your eBook or course is a great way of extending that relationship and making your expertise more accessible. You’ll have fun interacting with your readers or participants and they’ll enjoy hanging out with others who have the same needs as they do.

For instance, The Mogul Mom Marketplace listing includes a private Facebook group that offers support and camaraderie from like-minded, entrepreneurial moms.

5. Freshen Up the Design or Content

Finally, take a good, hard look at your design and content. Ask an impartial friend, mentor or buyer to give you honest feedback about it.

Will spending a little time and effort on revamping the design or freshening up the content make it more saleable?

Heather launched Get Famous in 2010 and then added more content and a professionally designed cover and layout last year.

Guess what? She sold twice as many in 2011 just by updating it and relaunching it.

How are you going to breathe new life into your old info products? Share with us in the comments.

About the Author:

Melissa Chitwood Vandermeer is the founder of Zayth, a virtual storefront for digital products launching in May 2012. Looking for a 6th fun way to sell more of your eBook or eCourse? Sign up for the Zayth newsletter and stay tuned!

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