Become the CCO, "Chief Chooser" Officer

As busy and accomplished women we often have a long list of to-dos. At work or at home there are always lots of people and projects needing our attention, input, ideas and drive in order to accomplish some result.

With the limit of 24 hours in a day no matter how far you try to stretch the day, choices must be made. We have been given the title of “Chief Chooser” of our lives. Limitless choices are always available to each of us. We simply must exercise this power.

When we have a long list of to-dos we often become experts at spinning lots of plates in the air. We are successful and keep the blur going no matter what. Yet, we never come to rest long enough to bring things into focus and see what is right in front of us.

Become the CCO

When we realize a simple principle of success is, “There is no genius in complexity,” we begin to understand that slowing down and doing less actually helps us to achieve breakthrough results and accomplish even more.

Our long list of to-dos is a powerful drug which lures us into believing we are accomplishing a lot and inwardly it provides us with a sense of importance. “I have so much to do and am responsible to accomplish so much.” (Translation: “I’m important!”)

Whether it is leading a strategic business project or running the kids to school, sports practice, dance or piano lessons, the list loves to be fed. As it grows, the world around us becomes a blur.

With this blurred vision, what we miss seeing is the blessing of who and what is right in front of our eyes. We begin to believe we must keep up this hectic pace in order to provide well for those around us. Oh, what a myth we begin to buy into! What those closest to us (at home or at work) really want and need is the gift of our presence.

Who has time to spare being present when we are so busy thinking about and planning how to get it all done and what is coming next on our list? Imagine there’s a “Chief Chooser” nameplate on your desk. It’s there to serve as a daily reminder that the greatest gift ever given to us as humans was the gift of choice and free will.

Life is a series of choices and we each are the “Chief Chooser” of our lives. Stopping to smell the roses is time well spent. It puts your “being” in harmony with the world around you and allows you time to see, feel and enjoy the moment.

Take out the editing pen and simplify your to-do list. You may at first feel this is a selfish gesture and a spinning plate might drop. The “Chief Chooser” Officer is highly experienced and knows differently. Before you know it, your eyesight will become clearer and the path forward will be in focus.

You’ve already earned the title. Start today and exercise your enormous power to choose.

About the Author:

BarbaraZerfossfinalBarbara Zerfoss is the author of the newly published book, The Power of Nothing ( She has 17 years experience as the senior marketing executive for multi-million and multi-billion dollar global corporations. Today she is the President of The Zerfoss Group and uses her business insights to help entrepreneurs and other executives create the breakthrough future they desire.

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3 Responses to “Become the CCO, "Chief Chooser" Officer”

  1. What a great post, Barbara! You’re so right about having the power to choose how we spend our time.

    I’ve found that saying no, shortening my to-do list, and single tasking really help me create the “white space” in my life that allows me to be fully present in each moment.

    On a more specific, actionable note, I’ve been using Rescue Time to see just how I’m spending my time online. It has been very eye-opening, and has helped me increase my productivity significantly. :)

    Thanks for the reminder that we can all be “CCO” – it’s just up to us to make that choice.


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